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Dota 2 update adds swapping


Even though they’ve put hero releasing on hold until after the International (in three weeks!), there’s still plenty going on behind the scenes in Dota 2. Today’s patch brings the ability to swap heroes with another player, so long as you do it before the first bell that signifies creeps spawning.

It works in every mode except Single Draft, which seems a little counter intuitive when that’s the major mode where it seems needed, when you’ve been given a set of three heroes you barely even recognise the faces of, let alone how to play them. But then that always was the fun of that mode, so perhaps its restriction is to keep it from feeling too comfortable. It’s Random Draft where it will feel really useful, though, as you can now be far more tactical with your picks, grabbing the heroes that will do the most damage, rather than the best fit between that and what you personally are good with.
The rest of the patch is relatively unexciting, with a few item updates, more character models broken down so that items can be made for them, and an item swap for one of Void’s items after a copyright infringement with the previous model. There’s also some Medusa particles added, but if you think we’re only going to be getting one hero after the International ends, I think you’re going to be surprised.
The patch is live now, so you can go investigate swapping right now.

Thanks, as ever, to the tireless Cyborgmatt for his patch breakdowns.