Dota 2’s very first tie-in promo item set is for Thief, it seems

Thief is out on on the 25th or 28th, depending on which side of the Atlantic you are at.

Thief is out of the shadows; here’s our Thief review.

Team Fortress 2 has a long and rich history of in-game items bought with Steam copies of other games. That’ll continue in the coming week with new Thief-themed gear for the scout: a complicated-looking bow and matching hoodie.

Dota 2 remained aloof from its Steam Store fellows while in beta – but like so many times before, it’s learning its lessons from TF2. Early word on the next Dota 2 patch suggests that Steam Thief owners will get access to a new item set for Drow Ranger.

The ‘Tools of the Master Thief’ set is made up of common-type cloak, gloves, and quiver, uncommon boots, and a rare hood, corset and bow.

The set has been listed in the Dota 2 Workshopsince late January under the name Jacque Choi – the lead character artist on Thief at Eidos Montreal.

Drow Ranger sports the bandit face scarf worn by Garrett throughout Thief’s promotional appearances – as well as the distinctive, C-shaped flat-pack bow.

And yep: look closely at those Thief trailers and you’ll find the corset is a central part of his wardrobe. Some of those alleys are very tight, you know.

It seems Drow Ranger’s been picked for her aesthetic similarity to the master thief and fondness for the bow, rather than any particular affinity with the shadows. Can you think of any junglers who might have been better suited to Garrett’s garb?

Thanks, Facepunchers.