Luna and Wisp incoming in the next Dota 2 patch


Valve are just not going to let up the pace, and after the addition of the hilarious and powerful Rubick last week, it’s now looking like we’re going to get double the fun this time around, as Wisp and Luna go from mere twinkles in the original Dota’s eye to fully fledged Dota 2 heroes. With textures and abilities and everything. Well, Wisp doesn’t get textures. Because Wisp is a particle effect. This all comes in a patch that tweaks a whole bunch of things.

Wisp is a pretty hard support, using his Tether to buff allies as well as flit them across the map with his ultimate, setting up delicious ganks or giving you just enough time to heal up before the twelve seconds are up and you flit back to wherever you teleported from. He can also teleport in, tether an ally in trouble, and then take them back with him. He’s essentially Nightcrawler, only more ethereal.
Luna, on the other hand, is a carry with lots of nukey power. Useful in the original Dota, now there are some item combinations that are possible, where before the aging WC3 engine just couldn’t handle it. Mjollnir, for instance, can now proc on Moon Glaive, which bounces her glaive around from target to target. She can also do all sorts of cool things like turn day to night with Eclipse, stun people with Lucent Beam, and be generally great to have around when she’s buffing you with Lunar Blessing. Also, she rides a bloody great panther.
The other major addition with this patch is that those creative among the Dota 2 community can now preview their workshop submissions on the appropriate character model directly from the UI in the game, letting you know if the textures are all wrong, or if you made that hat for Tidehunter five times too small. With the rate that things are being added to the Workshop, that’s not an insignificant amount of people that Valve is supporting with this.
As for the rest, the thunder lizard has a load of new textures, Rubick has some new animations for spell steal and telekinesis, and there have been some more texture changes to the Disruptor textures in the backend. More interestingly, Templar Assassin has some particle effects now, which means that she’s probably closer to release than not. Next week? We can but hope.