Naga Siren comes to DOTA 2


It’s easy to get caught up in the magical madness of the Summer Sale, but Valve are still busy behind the scenes giving us more DOTA 2 content every week. Naga Siren is this week’s hero, along with a bunch of UI updates and the first community made announcer: “Pirate Cap’n”. You can check out the change log yourself here along with the regular breakdown by Cyborgmatt, the communities patch analysing hero.

Naga Siren is a item dependant agility carry hero. Her real strength is how she can control a team fight, using illusions and her ultimate – more on that in our upcoming Naga Siren impressions.

In the UI department Valve made a nerdgasm of game stats visible to spectators and casters. Here you can compare every heroes kills/deaths, gold per minute, xp per minute and last hits/denies with a handy bar graph.

Unreleased but not hidden from the public is the addition of more community made content, straight from the Steam Workshop. First up is the “Pirate Cap’n” announcer pack, which lets a pirate and his trusty parrot take over the job of announcing how bad you’re losing. We’re also getting the first community made couriers, a Turtle Rider and a Gryphon.

As for next week’s predictions, Visage is set to be completed very soon. His portrait and icons are all done, including most if not all his textures. Following swiftly behind is the Keeper of Light, who might make it in-time for next weeks update also. All we know is that the team is trying its best to get as many heroes out before the International 2012, which is only one month away.