Nyx Assassin teased in the latest Dota 2 update: Assassin Duo imminent?


Do you see? Look closer. Squint. Put on your good glasses. Do you see? Yes, in the background of the Disruptor art, amid all that chaos of battles and lightning, there is something in the shadows. Oh Valve, you wonderful teases. Spotted by Reddit, it’s looking like Nyx Assassin might be the next hero to grace our roster. But that’s not all.

While not nearly as tantalising as secreted concept art Cyborgmatt, as he always does, has spotted that the latest update (that brought Undying Dirge and Disruptor to us) also included a bunch of particle effects. These are usually pretty good indicators for who’s going to come next, or at the very least who’s close, and this time they’re for Naga and Templar Assassin. The latter has been weaving her way through the update files for some time now, and it would be a pretty good guess to assume she was imminent.
Nyx Assassin… Templar Assassin…
Yeah, looks like we’re up for a dual assassin combo, if Valve’s recent track record of releasing two heroes at once is anything to go by. They’re both pretty excellent gankers, with Templar having nasty traps and a stationary meld, and Nyx having the nastiest of nasties, an ability that can reflect a single blow back on its dealer. So Lina and Lion should probably start looking out if they don’t want to accidentally zap themselves to death. Oh the humanity.