Practise your Dota 2 Draft skills in your browser


You’ve watched a few pro games, so you at the very least know what the draft stage is. But it’s some weird voodoo, something that you just can’t really understand. Why are they banning that? What’s a second pick? Who is Reserve Time? Well you’re sort of in luck. Someone’s made an in browser tool that lets you simulate the drafting process against a stranger.

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There’s no actual games played, but apart from that it’s the entire thing played in your browser. You can ban, pick, trash talk over chat, and get generally sweary when they ban Lone Druid and you really wanted to build your team around that Radiance bear. The only thing it doesn’t do is give you any sort of tutorial on exactly how it all works, so if you’re going in blind, you’re going to stay blind. Until you try it enough time that you start to see some of the undercarriage, and figure out how it all works. That is, hopefully, if you’re not going up against someone similarly ignorant. Because then you’ll just flail at one another ineffectually.

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