Undying Dirge and Disruptor coming in today’s Dota 2 patch


Surprising everyone by not only releasing two new heroes again, less than a week after Luna and Wisp, Valve have only gone and done it during a public holiday. If you’re American. Which they are. So while we’re toiling away in the blackened pits of our daily work, the Americans are eating BBQ, exploding things and playing with Undying Dirge and Disruptor. The cheeky buggers. There’s also a bunch of bug fixes.

One of the strongest pushers in the game, Undying Dirge can place down a Tombstone that constantly summons zombies on top of any enemy unit that gets close to it. This lets Dirge just push his way to the tower before popping his Flesh Golem form and making sure pretty much no one wants to be anywhere near him as he slows and damage amplifies all those close to him with his Plague Aura.

Disruptor, on the other hand, is halfway between a disabler and a support, throwing around abilites that make whoever they hit have a slightly worse day than they were having before. Glimpse returns them to where they were 4 seconds ago, which can be hilarious if they just TPed to a tower, whereas Kinetic Field creates an impassable barrier. Being able to rely on these effects,a s well as a powerful slow in his ultimate, frees him up to grab supporty items like Mekansm.

As for the changes coming in the patch, they’re detailed on the Dev forum here, and broken down by the ever-tireless Cyborgmatt over here. The major UI change is having buyback shown to everyone in the game at the top of the screen, and Wisp’s Tether changing slightly to be more visually readable. Oh, and the bots are improved, again. So now they’ll just be better at beating me every single bloody time.