Valve register two domain names for films: Free to Play and Ahead of the Game

Dota 2

It’s not long since Valve released their 20-minute documentary detailing the highs and lows of Dota 2’s Internationals. But three domain names the company registered back in August suggest their reclamation of the feel-good sports movie genre for video games continues apace.

Vigilant Redditors have picked up on three addresses, all registered by Valve IT Manager Chris Grinstead –, and None resolve at a webpage, and that’s where the facts end.

Which means this is where speculation begins. Valve are stewards of two free-to-play games – TF2 and Dota 2. Which will the first film cover, or will it cover both? Will Ahead of the Game be the eSports drama bomb deserving of its title, or something else entirely?

Perhaps these aren’t even two films, but a single, boastful company promo flick with a subtitle – Free to Play: Ahead of the Game. What do you reckon?