Valve’s Free to Play documentary launching on Steam March 19th

Valve's Free to Play documentary launching on Steam March 19th

Valve’s Dota 2 documentary, Free to Play, will launch on March 19th via Steam. The feature-length movie follows a trio of Dota 2 players as they travel the globe in search of adventure and fights to bring honour to their respective villages, maybe learning a little bit about themselves in the process. 

Okay, so maybe it’s not that. It actually follows Dendi, HYHY and Fear as they compete in the Dota 2 International Tournament for a million dollar prize. 

The documentary will premiere on March 18th, 8:00PM in The Castro Theatre, San Francisco before going up on Steam a day later. You can purchase tickets now. After the showing, there’s going to be a Q&A session with the creators and some “special guests”.

Beta testers will get access before this, hopefully rooting out any bugs or balance issues in the movie before the public witnesses it.

You’ll also be able to pick up the Free to Play Competitor’s Pack for Dota 2 on March 19th, with 25 percent of the proceeds going to the players from the movie and other contributors. The pack includes:

  • Fear’s Sven Set – Created by Jeremy Klein, Ziedrich
  • hyhy’s Doom Set – Created by Vermillion Wlad
  • Dendi’s Pudge Set – Created by Danidem, Bronto ϟ Thunder
  • Free to Play Wards – Created by Valve
  • Free to Play HUD – Created by Valve
  • Free to Play Courier – Created by Valve