This Week in DOTA: June 1st-7th – The calm before the Dreamhack storm


Here is all your latest news about what tournaments and events are going on in the world of DOTA this week. With Dreamhack on the horizon, it’s time to whet our appetites with previews of some of the teams that will be there.

joinDOTA Masters VIII: June 1st – June 3rd

Casted by the one and only “Tobi-Wan”, round one kicks off today at 4pm GMT. Eight teams are battling it out for respectable 500 Euros. Below are the matches and times for round one:

VP vs Darer 16:00
mTw vs M5 17:15
TTB vs Quantic 18:30
Mouz vs coL 19:45

All times shown are GMT

Round two will be broadcasted tomorrow, with the final on Sunday. Keep up to date with the matches hereand Tobi’s livestream.

IG Monthly Madness 2: June 2nd

The eighth round continues tomorrow with a single match. Teams aL and Quantic go head to head to see who is going to be facing EG. Both should prove to be entertaining matches to watch, the stream can be found here.(Times have not yet been finalised).

Star Series 2: June 3rd

Postponed till June 3rd, the Star Series 2 will kick off again with an anticipated match between mTw and Mouz. Who will make it out alive, tune in to Purgeat his live stream(Times have not yet been finalised).

Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters: June 2nd

The group stage is almost over, with only one match on Saturday. If you’re willing to stay up to watch it, it should be one hell of a match.

Ice vs WE 03:00

*All times shown are GMT

Here’s the livestream.

ProDOTA World League: June 2nd – June 7th

The ProDOTA World League commences tomorrow with two matches of Absolute Legends and DK. Check out the schedule for the entire week here and Tobi-Wan is again livestreamingit.

Photo credit: I am yj