Dr Disrespect tried to turn his bathroom stream into a Twitch emote

The streamer returned to the platform last night after a month-long absence, but it seems that he's still making light of his ban

After a lengthy hiatus, Dr Disrespect returned to twitch last night. The streamer, who was temporarily banned from the platform last month for streaming from a public bathroom, conducted his first stream in nearly a month yesterday evening.

His return was met with enthusiasm from fans – according to Kotaku, the streamer was met with a peak concurrent viewer count of more than 80,000, and donations of up to $500. Many viewers eventually drifted away as Dr Disrespect began streaming PUBG, with the audience settling at around 40,000 people – not quite as much as the 350,000 people who tuned in after his self-imposed streaming exile in 2018.

There were plenty of changes to Dr Disrespect’s stream setting up, including a massive virtual ‘arena’ that much of the broadcast’s introduction took place in. The stream’s overlay no longer featured sponsorship information from hardware company Asus, but Doc neither confirmed nor denied whether this was a result of the now-infamous bathroom stream.

That particular broadcast, which also saw Dr Disrespect ejected from E3, was only mentioned once, when the streamer said that he’d designed an emote which showed him peeking out of a bathroom stall – which Twitch had, incidentally, rejected.

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It seems, however, that the Doc hasn’t really learned his lesson. Not only did promotions for his return stream make light of the incident, but he also says that he’s not done with IRL streaming. The trip to E3 marked his first ‘in real life’ broadcast, but many had assumed the ban meant that it would be his last. Dr Disrespect told viewers that “we’ve got a lot of plans for IRL. All these dumb-dumbs saying ‘that’s your last one’, go move into your next box and lock it. Permanently.”