A weird Dragon Age: Inquisition bug is making party members shy

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Companions in Dragon Age: Inquisition should be nattering almost constantly, engaging in off-the-cuff incidental banter, telling jokes, flirting and generally being as chatty as they were in previous games. But for many players they’re shy bairns, only opening their gobs every couple of hours rather than minutes.

An odd and reportedly widespread bug is rendering Dragon Age’s party members mute. BioWare are now investigating the bug and have asked players to donate their 60+ hour save games in the name of research.

Characters in Dragon Age have thousands of lines of recorded dialogue, designed to be rattled off as your Inquisitor explores the environment. The voice-stealing bug has largely gone unnoticed until now however, as players just assumed there was less chatter in BioWare’s fantasy sequel.

Support threads on both the BioWare and EA forums now confirm that many players’ games are glitched, and that companions are bottling up their emotions. The developer has asked players to hand over their 60+ hour save games so that they may better diagnose what’s gone wrong.

That incidental dialogue is one of the more flavourful aspects of BioWare RPGs, with so much of each character’s personality tied up in lines of script that you may only very occasionally hear. What a shame that so many players were unknowingly missing out.

Thanks VG247.