Dragon Age: Inquisition multiplayer is now free for a limited time, plus six hours of single player

Dragon Age Inquisition trial

Origin are offering a free trial of Dragon Age: Inquisition for a ‘limited time only’. The trial includes six hours of the critically-lauded single player campaign story, but also absolutely unlimited access to the co-operative multiplayer. 

The multiplayer for Inquisition is an interesting beast; a sort of Dungeons & Dragons affair as you crawl with friends through small adventure maps. If you’re a die-hard fan but have yet to convince friends to join your party, this trial is the perfect bait. Both trial users and game owners can play together, and even make the most of the weekend multiplayer events where challenges can be completed to unlock rewards.

The multiplayer trial also includes content from both released expansion packs, making it the full experience.

The trial is free to download from Origin. Unfortunately EA have no clarification on how long the ‘limited time’ is, so grab it quick if you want to hop in.

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