Dragon Age: Inquisition trailer makes the case for BioWare’s Orlesian opus one last time

Dragon Age: Inquisition.

At no point in the Dragon Age: Inquisition launch trailer does the player character stop a passing demon and query the nature of their business in Thedas. In fact, the latest trailer suggests that inquiry ceases to be the name of the game shortly into the new BioWare RPG – whereupon it becomes a game of mouse-scrolling in unabashed wonder about its dank and darkly beautiful locations.

Dragon Age: Inquisition is out today (in the US and Russia), and on Thursday (in Europe and Australia), and the Thursday after (Japan). Russia is a ginormous but sparsely populated place, and even America is only some of the world – so statistically speaking, you’re probably not playing it yet.

What to do in the meantime, eh? I’ve actually ordered a collection of comics written by David Gaider on Amazon, and am seriously considering a coffee table volume of BioWare art. I know: desperate. Perhaps we’ll find browser-based deliverance in Failbetter’s Dragon Age: The Last Court, or this trailer.

Aye, what a wonderful world. Here’s everything we know about Dragon Age: Inquisition. It’s to be a tactically-sound, absurdly-scaled extravaganza – the blockbuster counterpart to the prosier games coming out of the Kickstarter RPG renaissance.

Will it be better than Divinity: Original Sin? What d’you reckon?