Expect the Inquisition: Dragon Age Keep open beta begins

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Dragon Age Keep has entered open beta letting you prepare for the release of Dragon Age: Inquisition. Keep lets you import your save files and make edits to the decisions you made in previous games. These can then be exported to Inquisition where the world will be changed to account for those decisions.

We first learned about Keep more than a year ago but in that time it’s only been available to those lucky enough to get access in the closed beta. The tool lets you import your saves from the previous Dragon Age games and export them in a format that Dragon Age: Inquisition can read but you can also create a whole new save file by selecting from the possible choices in the earlier games.

Keep is a neat tool that works for both old and new players. If you played the first two games then your decisions can be reflected in the new game and if you didn’t get round to playing the first two games you can read through their story and choose what you would have done.

Of course, you can start up Inquisition fresh without running through Keep.

Keep’s coolest feature is the stats that will come out from this. With lots of Dragon Age players loading up their decisions to a central server, for the first time we can see how the majority of players decided to act when they went through Bioware’s moral quagmire.

You can sign up to the open beta on the Dragon Age Keep site.

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