There’s never a dry moment in Dragon Age: Inquisition’s audio booth

Dragon Age: Inquisition voice acting

BioWare takes voice acting pretty seriously, as do the folk lending the games their vocal talents. But sometimes you just need to have a laugh and spit water in a miserable man’s face. That’s how Alix Wilton Regan –  one of the Inquisitor’s voices in Dragon Age: Inquisition – makes her spit-takes sound so authentic, apparently. 

Watch below, as a poor man becomes a victim of method acting. 

Definitely the wrong time to have a beard. I can sympathise.

If Dragon Age: Inquisition continues the BioWare tradition of having plenty of dialogue options dripping with sarcasm or silliness, I think I’m going to enjoy listening to Regan quite a lot.

Tim checked out Dragon Age: Inquisition at E3, and walked away very impressed with the demo. “What struck me, at the end of the demo, is just how polished, creative, and well produced Inquisition is. After Dragon Age 2, I’d lost all interest in playing the series, and had treated Inquisition as little more than a curiosity. But Inquisition looks exceptional. And I can’t wait to play it myself.”