Watch this Dragon Age: Inquisition choice and consequence trailer, or go and eat some ice cream; it’s your call

Dragon Age: Inquisition choice and consequence

Choice and consequence – BioWare does love to harp on about its love affair with RPG decision making, and with Dragon Age: Inquisition due out in a few weeks, it’s time to get a look at how you’ll be able to shape the world with the decisions you might be making in your pants, drunk at two o’clock in the morning.

BioWare has a tendency to boil every crisis down to two arbitrary choices, which sort of removes a lot of the freedom that the studio professes to be about, but it does have a knack for at least making the outcomes weighty and far reaching.

Inquisition looks to be much of the same, in this regard. Kill or show mercy, give money to the beggar or kick him in the shin, be nice to a companion and eventually seduce them, or piss them off and watch them leave. Really, it’s not those binary options that make them interesting, it’s their context and what they will eventually lead to.

With a keep to maintain, the sorts of decisions evocative of Baldur’s Gate II and Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening make a welcome return in Inquisition. And special operations can be chosen, opened by advisors, which will “affect and change how the story unfolds”.

Take a gander at the video below.

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