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There’s “no chance” Dragon Age 4 launches in 2022, multiple insiders report

Sorry, there's "no chance" Dragon Age 4 is out in 2022

Fighting spooky monsters in Dragon Age Inquisition, a game that'll someday be followed by Dragon Age 4

BioWare has been offering occasional bits of info on the as-yet-untitled fourth Dragon Age game, but don’t take that to mean that we’ll get a release date this year. Multiple reliable insiders have reported that the new Dragon Age is not arriving in 2022, and is in fact more likely to launch late in 2023.

“A source with knowledge of EA’s plans has said there’s ‘no chance’ that Dragon Age 4 will release in 2022,” freelance writer Tom Henderson says in a tweet. (Henderson is known for Battlefield leaks, and more recently revealed Quantic Dream’s Star Wars game months ahead of its official announcement.)

Henderson’s report has been backed up by journalist Jeff Grubb, who reiterates his earlier reporting on Dragon Age’s 2023 release plans, saying that the game is at least a full year away. A summer 2023 release “is the earliest possible timeframe for the launch of Dragon Age 4, and even that is a vague hope more than a real target.” Grubb says there’s been no delay to the game, and “EA has long known that BioWare wasn’t getting it ready for 2022”.

Alongside his reporting on Dragon Age 4, Henderson says that EA expects Criterion’s new Need for Speed to launch this autumn, that the Jedi: Fallen Order sequel is likely to be revealed on May 4 ahead of a Q4 2022 release, and that EA is looking at various options, including free-to-play, in response to poor performance from Battlefield 2042.

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The Dragon Age 4 release date will land someday, I’m sure. There are plenty of RPG games to check out in the meantime – and dragon games, if you just care about this big fire-breathing beasts.