BioWare is teasing Dragon Age 4 again

Dragon Age 4 has been announced... again?

dragon age 4 characters

Dragon Age 4 is one of the gaming community’s most anticipated games around right now, and many people assumed more news – or even a full reveal – would come on December 4, otherwise known as Dragon Age Day. However, all we got were yet more teases from executive producer Mark Darrah.

Darrah spent much of last week posting vague images to Twitter that apparently show in-progress versions of the new Dragon Age game. He returned for more on Dragon Age Day with the below tweet – not that it shows us much.

Aside from this and lots of fan art and cosplay, Dragon Age passed mostly without incident. Developer BioWare did, however, retweet its own announcement blog from this time last year – setting many a heart racing for no reason once we looked closer at the date.

BioWare and publisher EA have teased the project numerous times before. A Dragon Age 4 trailer was shown at last year’s Game Awards, for example, while EA’s chief financial officer confirmed the company was working on a new Dragon Age game a few weeks ago. He stated: “You should assume that there’s Dragon Age out there, we’ve talked about it publicly that it’s in the works – it probably comes after fiscal [year] 2022.”

You can read everything we know about the fourth mainline game in our roundup of everything we know about Dragon Age 4’s story, characters, and more.

In summary, Dragon Age. Dragon Age. Dragon Age.