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New Dragon Age likely as BioWare hire Sunless Sea’s writer to work on unannounced game

Dragon Age

A new Dragon Age is looking likely, as BioWare take on Alexis Kennedy, lead writer of Sunless Sea and co-founder of Failbetter Games, to work on an unannounced project alongside Dragon Age veterans. 

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Kennedy will be working with Dragon Age creator Mike Laidlaw and lead writer Patrick Weekes. This is also not the first time Kennedy would be tied to the franchise, what with him being responsible for Dragon Age spin-off The Last Court.

As Eurogamer notes, Mass Effect: Andromeda is wrapping up and Laidlaw and Weekes are not tied to the new IP BioWare have been teasing. Speaking to Eurogamer, Kennedy explained that work was already underway, though he was tight-lipped about the game’s identity.

“I’ll be starting in January for a six-month-plus engagement,” he said. “Writers are treated well at BioWare, but they’re working within a clear structure – that they’re samurai, not daimyo. I’ve been saying I’m a writing ronin, so I guess I’ll get to sleep in their castle and eat their rice and fight their battles for a bit before I disappear into the howling fog once more.

“In terms of working with BioWare – [I thought] Dragon Age: the Last Court was as close as I’d ever get. I’m an indie to the lobes of my liver and BioWare don’t hire freelance writers. So when they made an exception and offered me the gig, I could neither stand still nor stop swearing.”

He went on to say that the thought of hearing his words in an actual BioWare game is “bewildering”, but he was planning to use the experience to learn from the developer’s twenty years of RPG experience. He’s very modest about the whole thing, especially when, by his admission, BioWare don’t hire freelancers.

More BioWare games with extra writing talent onboard is fine by me.