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Get each Dragon Age game for less than $3 and prepare for Veilguard

All three Dragon Age games are currently on heavy discount so you can catch up with the story, and some romance, before Veilguard arrives.

Get each Dragon Age game for less than $3 and prepare for Veilguard: Hawke and Isabela from Dragon Age 2 pose

Where were you in 2009? It’s hard to believe that the Dragon Age series has been going so long. I remember picking up Dragon Age Origins with huge excitement followed up by colossal relief as it turned out to be an evolution of the classics like Baldur’s Gate, everything I was looking for. Each game in the series has been elevated to legendary status, even Dragon Age 2, also known as the secret best one. Now, if you want to catch up with the games, you can in this massive Steam sale.

The fourth game in the series is surprisingly close to launch, with the Dragon Age The Veilguard release date set for fall 2024. It’s looking like it’ll be a comprehensive starting point for many new to the RPGs, with Dragon Age The Veilguard appearing in some ways to be a soft reboot. That said, there’s no reason to not head back in time and grab the originals and play through them – especially when they’re so cheap.

If nothing else, what you can do as you play through all three games is appreciate just how experimental BioWare has been. The first game, Dragon Age Origins was a true cRPG. Using combat that worked like Baldur’s Gate crossed with Final Fantasy 12, it backed those engaging mechanics up with a truly deep world filled with impactful decisions. Introducing the world to characters like Sandal, Morrigan, Alistair, and Shale, it instantly became an all time classic.

The second in the series was, to be fair, troubled. Streamlining the combat and reducing the amount of exploration you would engage in, Dragon Age 2 told a much more personal story – but it was no less an experiment as a result. Set in the city of Kirkwall, it explored a series of events told over years as you went from refugee to champion. This unique approach to being an RPG meant you became utterly familiar with your city, its inhabitants, and the stories told within its walls. Divisive on launch, it’s the game in the series that most deserves a second look.

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Finally there’s Dragon Age Inquisition, which in many ways is a reaction to Dragon Age 2. Instead of limiting you to one location you hop around a huge slice of Thedas, each region being filled with monsters, loot, quests, and little stories. Delving deep into the settings’ metaphysical side of demons and exploring all sides of its fictional religions, it probably remains the most popular entry in the series. It definitely is the game which seems to set up Veilguard more than any other, with some key figures being introduced in this entry.

So if you want to see how far Dragon Age has come and be prepared for where it’s going next, there’s no better time than now. You can grab Dragon Age Origins, Dragon Age 2, and Dragon Age Inquisition with 90% off until Thursday June 27, meaning each game is only $2. 99 / £3.49. Head over to the Steam page to check out the full sale.

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