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Dragon Age The Veilguard puts you in control of the RPG’s difficulty

The ball will be in your court in Dragon Age The Veilguard, with a host of difficulty options that will let you customize your experience.

Dragon Age The Veilguard puts you in control of the RPG’s difficulty: Solas looks at you quite angrily.

One of the best things about modern gaming is the recognition that not everyone plays games in the exact same way. Some of us like our games tough, some like to just blast through and see everything. Some like to go deeper than that – changing individual settings to customize how everything works. Dragon Age: The Veilguard errs on the side of trusting the player to choose how to approach the RPG, with tons of options to make sure your experience is truly your own.

In 2024 we’re used to a few different options when we start up a game, and have been for decades. Many start with easy, normal, and hard options – and in Dragon Age: The Veilguard, these will be present – albeit with more RPG style names. When you start your adventure you’ll be able to choose from Storyteller for those looking for a mechanically less challenging time, Adventurer for something more balanced, and Nightmare which promises to do exactly what it says in the name. When playing you’ll be able to change difficulty at any time – unless you pick Nightmare, then you’re locked in permanently.

Thanks to reporting from Game Informer, we now know about a few of the other options players will be able to browse through to customize the game’s difficulty. These settings become available once you choose the Unbound difficulty mode where you can tweak many of the game’s variables to better suit your style of play.

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Here you’ll be able to play with wayfinding options, deciding if you want to find things more organically or if you want a marker telling you the way. If you need a helping hand landing a shot, auto-aim and aim assistance settings will let you choose how much help you need. Combat itself can be torn apart in a granular fashion, making many of the different aspects from parrying to damage dealt harder or more easy, depending on your taste and how much you fancy a challenge. There’s even a no death mode available for those seeking to avoid an early end to their adventure.

All this means that this fourth Dragon Age game will be vastly more approachable than even its predecessors, with a raft of options available to make sure you get the experience you want out of it.

Dragon Age: The Veilguard is set for a fall 2024 launch and you can add it to your wishlist on Steam.

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