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Dragon Age Inquisition footage shows dragons and Frostbite engine prettiness


EA weren’t showing Dragon Age Inquisition at Gamescom last week. Turns out they were having a private event following the conference, showing the game to a few sites rather than the whole sort of general mish mash who visit Cologne. We weren’t invited (boo!) but we’ve got hold of the some of the footage that was shown (yay!).

It’s pretty darn good looking.

The Frostbite engine has done wonders for the look of Dragon Age. Mages have always been powerful but now the spells they’re raining down look to have serious heft to them.

Like I said up top, we weren’t privy to the presentation itself but RPS were. The lucky so and sos. While Bioware are still a year out from release and aren’t being too open about the game yet they did reveal that the full tactical overlay of Origins is returning. You’ll be able to pause combat and spread out orders to your heart’s content. Or, you can let the AI handle themselves, too.

It also sounds like Bioware have been sipping from the same pool as CD Projekt because they’re talking about decisions that will ahve world-changing consequences.

We’ll likely learn more details through the week.