Dragon’s Dogma 2: Dark Arisen trailer features swords, serpents, and demons


Dragon’s Dogma surprised many for not because it strayed from RPG generica but for being an all-round very well made generic RPG. Well, with that accolade under its belt, Capcom have been hard at work on its sequel Dragon’s Dogma 2: Dark Arisen and they’re all very excited to show off what it looks like. 

So, take a seat, put on your best viewing goggles and have a gander at this:

It would seem that they’ve stuck with the theme of the first game swords, dragons, and the various situations in which the two come together, albeit, the setting has moved a few feet under the surface of the earth.

There’s been a quick turn-around on development (400,000 game sales in the first fortnight will incentivise publishers like that) as the release date was today announced as 26 April. Less than a year since the release of the first. That suggests this may be a half-step sequel in the same way that Left 4 Dead 2 was a rapid-developmentsequel.