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Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen PC trailer gives tips on how to get your heart ripped out


Dragon’s Dogma is a 360/PS3 generation classic, at least that’s what my Twitter feed told me when it was announced for PC. A western RPG in every possible way, from small fishing town origins to corrupt social-laddered capital cities and giant enemy dragon, I’ve now learned its lore and systems are more interesting. Capcom UK community man Neil Gorton narrates a video introducing the game to us unwashed PC masses and showing off the first footage of a non-final PC build.

The best thing about releasing on PC is you can end up in our list of the best PC games ever.

This has heightened my interest in the PC release quite significantly. The pawn system, hilariously named as it is, seems like a great way to do the singleplayer-multiplayer RPG thing that’s proved so popular in the wake of Dark Souls. I’m surprised I haven’t seen it elsewhere, given DD itself is now a few years old and it seems like quite an elegant way to handle things.

The PC version will be releasing some time in January for the slightly-budget price of $30 and various equivelents. It has all the content of the original games plus a buff to those previous-gen graphics, though based on the above it’s unlikely to be standing up to this year’s juggernauts in that area.