Dragon’s Dogma PC gets ENB graphics mod before it’s even released, unsurprisingly it’s gorgeous

Dragon's Dogma ENB

It’s not many games that get a graphics mod before they even come out, but Dragon’s Dogma has always been a weird one. Capcom’s 3rd-person hardcore RPG about party-based fantasy roamings and dragon hunting hits Steam on January 15th, but thanks to leaks and the power of fast working, there’s already graphics mods being developed to push it past its ported Xbox 360 trappings and into the realm of Super Pretty.

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For the uninitiated, ENB is a series of graphics mods that have been in development since 2007 across various games. It got major attention for the horrifyingly lovely things it did to GTA4, making it look close-to photo-realistic despite the game’s age. However, as you can see from the download page, it’s been expanded to everything from Deus Ex to Mass Effect 3.

Now it seems to be tackling the rarely modded genre of “things that aren’t even out yet.” A post on the official forums by the creator,Boris Vorontsov, showed off what he’d managed to make Dragon’s Dogma look like via some screenshots, and now there’s a download available for when the time comes. It isn’t configured yet, and may be buggy on day one, but should be worked on fairly quickly and up to standard if you like file-fiddling to get the most out of your monster PC.

Vorontsov has been helping some folks out and providing clarifications deeper in the thread. In the mean time, just look at the screenshots and wish you were a highly rendered fantasy-world dragon. I know I do.

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