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Drake is now co-owner of an esports organisation

Rapper Drake joins Nadeshot and Ariana Grande's manager as co-owners of esports organisation 100 Thieves

Drake esports team

Drake now owns an esports team. Earlier today, the esports organisation 100 Thieves, which fields professional League of Legends, Fortnite, and Clash Royale teams, announced that the rapper would join founder Nadeshot and entrepreneur Scooter Braun as a co-owner.

The collaboration was first rumoured as Drake followed both 100 Thieves and Nadeshot – who started his career as a professional Call of Duty player – on Instagram. Nadeshot tweeted earlier today to confirm the partnership, saying “Proud to finally announce that Drake and Scooter Braun join 100 Thieves as co-owners.”

In an announcement posted this afternoon, 100 Thieves confirms that it’s completed its funding round, saying that “Drake co-led the investment round alongside Scooter Braun.” Nadeshot, whose real name is Matthew Haag, said “I’ve spent my ten-year career in esports growing the ecosystem and am proud to have Drake and Scooter join as my partners to help take 100 Thieves to new heights.” It would seem that the idea behind the partnership, however, is not to focus solely on creating a winning esports org.

Haag states that “our top priority is to win world championships, but our ambitions go far beyond competitive gaming.” Drake and Braun will help to develop 100 Thieves “into a lasting brand on the back of the content and apparel that out fans have come to love.” The pair will act as strategic advisors for the organisation, with Braun also sitting on the board of directors.

Drake made headlines earlier this year as he streamed Fortnite with Ninja. Braun features more heavily off-stage than on, but is still a pop-culture powerhouse, associated with music acts including Ariana Grande, the Black Eyed Peas, and Justin Bieber. 100 Thieves recently represented North America at the League of Legends World Championships, where they were eliminated in the group stages.