Dreadnought is a slow-paced, multiplayer naval warfare game in space


Good gravy, Yager’s excellent looking Dreadnought had completely passed me by. The free-to-play, third-person space combat game, in which you command an absolutely giant spaceship, first popped its head up back in 2014, before hiding behind a big asteroid and jumping out again yesterday during Gamescom 2015.

Here’s a trailer detailing how the thing works. It looks… big.

The fighting takes place up in space as well as above the surfaces of planets, inside canyons and around industrial ruins, and the sheer vastness of the ships you’re piloting seem to create a methodical and highly tactical multiplayer experience. It’s naval, like World of Warships, but in more dimensions.

Our Rob took a look Dreadnought back in March and enjoyed the sedentary pacing. He found it not without its problems, but was optimistic about its potential.

The game is entering closed beta and is due to launch later this year.