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Dream leaves Early Access on July 31st


Exploration-em-up Dream is about wandering the waking world and subconcious mind of Howard Phillips, an unhappy young man who finds that he is most at peace while asleep. It’s been in development for some time, wowing audiences at various gaming shows with its non-euclidean architecture plus Oculus Rift combo. Early Access started in 2013 but it’s now ready to wake up at the end of the month. Release trailer and some more details below.

While I was aware of its existence, I hadn’t actually seen much of Dream in motion and it’s stunningly pretty. Obviously the genre isn’t for everyone, but just the variety of environments here is impressive and there’s a lot of hints to a higher level of interaction than you might expect from a walking simulator.

Three person team HyperSloth Games (best name) have promised a little bonus for those who have supported the game through Early Access. It’s £12.99 currently and the press release makes no mention of raising the price once it’s ‘properly’ released, though the Steam page says it’s something they’re undecided on. It’s also been in various sales previously and will inevitably be in more, if you’re not desperate to pick it up.