How to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals

Disney Dreamlight Valley animals are cute, wild critters who reside in your valley, and you can even feed them for loot and friendship

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters animals: Raccoon

To be surrounded by Disney Dreamlight Valley animals, you don’t have to have a singing voice like Snow White. Instead, just find out what these Dreamlight Valley critters like to eat and keep them well fed. Feed critters enough times, in fact, and you can even turn them into your companion throughout your time in the Valley.

Like pets in an MMO game, companions are an avatar customisation option letting you can choose an adorable animal to follow you around as you explore this Disney life sim – something we can help you with in our Dreamlight Valley guide – and you can even pet them. In order to turn wild critters into companions, as well as earn daily loot and Dreamlight, you’ll need to know how to approach them and what they like to eat.

How to feed Dreamlight Valley animals

Each of the eight Dreamlight Valley critters can be found in their corresponding biome, but only two or three of each will spawn per day. You can also only feed each animal once every 24 hours, so be sure to go out of your way to keep your little friends well-fed – and reap the rewards.

When fed, animals have the chance to drop seeds and other useful items, including cosmetics and Dreamlight Shards. There are also a number of achievements for feeding critters which will reward you with Dreamlight.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animal companion

How to get critters as companions

All you need to do to recruit Dreamlight Valley critters as your companion is feed each variant twice – and it doesn’t even have to be their favourite food, which is handy for the more rare snacks listed above. Bear in mind that each different-coloured critter is considered a unique variant. For example, feed the white rabbit twice to have the white rabbit appear in your collection.

To set a critter as your buddy, go to your wardrobe and select the companion section. Choose any of those you have unlocked, and it’ll follow you around as long as you want it to – no feeding required. To see the full list of available critters, go to the collection menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters: companions

All animals and their favourite food

With the Forgetting having destroyed the valley, it’s no surprise that these little critters can be a little skittish, so some require a more considerate approach. The information below will help if you’re struggling to stop them running away, and lists their favourite snacks.


  • Location: Plaza
  • Variants: Black, classic (tan), Gray, Red, and White.
  • Food group: Fruit and nuts
  • Favourite food: Peanuts

Squirrels are pretty easy to find, as they’re clearly hungry little things. You’ll spot them running around the plaza, and you should just be able to walk straight up to them and interact with them. If not, you may have already fed them for the day.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animals: rabbit


  • Location: Peaceful Meadow
  • Variants: Black, Brown, Calico, Classic, and White
  • Food group: Vegetables
  • Favourite food: Carrots

Rabbits are more playful than squirrels, and will have their fun with you before taking your food. As you approach a rabbit for the first time, it will bounce up and down before running away. Don’t be perturbed, simply chase after it. It will do this a few times, before finally settling long enough for you to interact.

Sea Turtles

  • Location: Dazzle Beach
  • Variants: Black, Brown, Classic (green and brown), Purple, and White
  • Food group: Shellfish and Seaweed
  • Favourite food: Seaweed

The incredibly cute sea turtles are shy, and won’t let you get up close right away. As you start to get too near to a sea turtle, it will pull its head into its shell and shake nervously. Quietly wait it out and don’t move, and it will eventually pop its head back out, eagerly propping itself up on its front legs, ready for some seafood.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animals: raccoon


  • Locations: Forest of Valor
  • Variants: Black, Blue, Classic (grey), Red, and White
  • Food group: Fruit
  • Favourite food: Blueberries

If it were possible, Raccoons are even harder to approach than Sea Turtles, and will give you the run-around. You’ll have to tread very carefully, and keep your distance to begin with. Wait for the raccoon to stop and look around eagerly, and start creeping slowly towards it, stopping every couple of steps. It’s tedious, but you’ll eventually get close enough to feed it.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animals: crocodile


  • Location: Glade of Trust
  • Variants: Blue, Classic (green), Golden, Pink, Red, and White
  • Food group: Shellfish
  • Favourite food: Lobster

The crocodile works in almost the same way as the raccoon. Again, when you spot a distant croc standing still, you can start to approach. Wait until its head is down and stop moving every time it looks up. As you approach and interact, it will endearingly place its head on the floor, submitting for its tasty treat.

Disney Deramlight Valley animals: Sunbird critters


  • Location: Sunlit Plateau
  • Variants: Emerald, Golden, Orchid (purple), Red, and Turquoise
  • Food group: Flowers
  • Favourite food: Emerald Sunbird – Green Passion Lily, Golden Sunbird – Sunflower, Orchid Sunbird – Orange Houseleek, Red Sunbird – Red Bromeliad, Turquoise Sunbird – Pink Houseleek.

The stunning birds flit around the Sunlit Plateau at some speed, but you can easily catch up to them at trees and plants and interact with them fairly easily. In contrast to the other critters, Sunbird variants each have their own favourite food, so be careful you feed the right flower to the right bird.

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters: Fox eating fish


  • Location: Frosted Heights
  • Variants: Black, Blue, Classic (brown), Red, and White
  • Food group: Fish
  • Favourite food: White Sturgeon

Like rabbits, foxes have a playful nature, and will encourage you to chase them around before feeding them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley critters: Raven favourite food


  • Location: Forgotten Lands
  • Variants: Blue, Brown, Classic (black), Red, and White
  • Food group: Five-star meals
  • Favourite food: Large Seafood Platter, Arendellian Pickled Herring

Ravens, the ominous-but-beautiful birds native to the spooky Forgotten Lands, have now arrived, accompanying Scar to Dreamlight Valley in the October update. Interacting with the birds is fairly easy, but feeding them isn’t. It’ll look like they flee as you head towards them, but simply stand still and wait – they’ll circle your head for a while before flying down to you. Turns out Ravens, though, are the Dreamlight Valley critter with the most refined palate, as they exclusively eat five-star meals. Cook them up a tasty ratatouille, bouillabaisse, or even a banana split if you’re feeling sweet.

Now you know how to feed every critter in the Disney game, you’ll need to unlock their individual biomes to find and befriend them. That’s not the only benefit to accessing new areas though, as Dreamlight Valley clay only generates in some, as do some ingredients for the many Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes – and you need to keep yourself well fed, too.