Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes get adorable Christmas update

A Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes update brings Mickey Mouse-themed Christmas cheer to the life game, as players hunt for slush ice and Remy’s unknown flavour

Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes get adorable Christmas update: A character in Disney life game Dreamlight Valley shares some Christmas Mickey Mouse gingerbread biscuits

A new Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes update lets life game players prepare for Christmas cheer, as Mickey Mouse-themed gingerbread biscuits, inspired by displays at the actual Disneyland, drop into your Dreamlight Valley recipe book and provide a much-needed distraction while you hunt for slush ice and the Remy’s unknown flavour quest.

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Disneyland this festive season – or if you’ve been in the past – you might have seen the enormous Haunted Mansion gingerbread house display, where the Frozen, Toy Story, and Ratatouille creators construct a seven-foot gingerbread cottage, stocked full of edible, Christmassy treats.

In what might be 2022’s best videogame crossover, part of the real Disneyland display is coming to Dreamlight Valley. As of December 6, the cute Mickey Mouse gingerbread cookies that you get in the real-life resort will be bakeable in DDV, letting you spread some sweet, Christmas cheer to all your favourite princesses, rodent chefs, and toys come to life.

Of course, right now, most Dreamlight players are on the hunt for slush ice, used to make Disney desserts like the banana split and coconut ice cream. The Remy’s unknown flavour quest is also taking priority, as we seek to max out our friendship with the loveable culinary rat. But it’s also the festive season and Christmas is just around the corner, so look forward to the next Dreamlight Valley update, and get yourself ready to make some delicious-looking Mickey Mouse gingerbread.

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