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Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker lets players see upcoming fixes

Gameloft has introduced a Trello-based Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker, which the team will keep updated so players know about upcoming issues and fixes

Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker lets players see upcoming fixes: A feminine avatar looks off in the distance while Scar from The Lion King scowls behind her.

Gameloft has introduced a Disney Dreamlight Valley issue tracker hosted on the popular project management software Trello, which will give players a snapshot of the status of issues and fixes on the horizon for the cozy life game. While only developers and team members can update, add, and sort new cards, all players can now access and view them to track bugs and monitor changes in the game.

The Trello board is a handy way for dedicated players to keep abreast of updates without having to continuously try to track Twitter or other media. Media sources are often suitable for immediate updates, but players can also find it difficult to track specific issues wherever there are several changes or a steady stream of updates. The board not only shows what issues the game developers are addressing but also offers easy-to-understand updates on what they’ve already fixed, what’s in progress, and what the team is investigating.

It also logs game updates for quick reference to give players immediate insight into patch notes. For example, clicking a card labelled “October 19 Update (Scar’s Kingdom)” reveals that the developers also made some fixes involving Streamer Safe Mode copyright claims, lightning visual effects, quest progression issues, and more. The Trello card emphasises game-related fixes rather than information about the Disney game‘s Scar quests, which the developers cover thoroughly in the game’s most recent patch notes.

Some of the game’s current issues are technical, such as problems with running the game on Steam Deck and trouble importing avatars. Others reflect proposed balance updates, such as an issue involving wild crops in specific biomes becoming unbalanced as players unlock more biomes.

The board also provides detailed instructions on how players can report bugs and crashes they experience during their gameplay. Clicking into a Trello card inviting players to report bugs provides a Gameloft help centre link and a link to the community Discord, where players can glean immediate insights from fellow community members.

Gameloft released the life-sim adventure game in Early Access only a month and a half ago and has since amassed overwhelmingly positive reviews. If you’re new to the game and aren’t sure where to start, check out our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for everything you need to know to get started. You’ll also want to learn about all the Disney Dreamlight Valley characters, including a few you might not expect.