Disney Dreamlight Valley house colours coming in next update

Your Disney Dreamlight valley house is a big part of the life sim game, and you’ll soon be able to change the look of your home in-game when update 3 arrives

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a lady with pink hair in a Christmas suit stands in front of a purple-coloured house

Customising your Disney Dreamlight Valley house offers a wonderful aspiration aspect to the delightful life sim game, and developer Gameloft has shown a sneak peak at new coloured house skins coming as part of Dreamlight Valley update 3. The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update doesn’t yet have a set date but is expected to arrive in mid-January, with Beauty and the Beast being hinted at as a possible theme for the expansion.

Upgrading your Dreamlight Valley home is certainly a lot of fun, allowing you to build out new rooms, decorate and furnish them to your heart’s content, and increase your storage capacity to hold all the ingredients and resources you need to make all the Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes and more. However, there has been one notable exception to the customisation potential – until now!

As the official Dreamlight Valley Twitter account explains, the addition of house skins was achieved as part of a ‘community wishlist challenge’ and will now be arriving along with update three. Currently, you’re stuck with the default yellow wood panelling and blue roof, but soon you’ll have a whole range of colour palettes to choose from.

Among the designs shown are a festive green with red front door, a summery white and pink design, a lovely blue with white framework, a light purple, and an alternate yellow look with red tiling on the roof instead. This should really help make your house your very own, and is especially welcome if you’re the sort of player who decided to move your house away from its initial starting location to one of the other areas.

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We’re hopeful that this is just the beginning for houses – players are already suggesting that options to choose your door colour separately would be fun, and we’d of course love to see the option to change the style or material of the building itself. That’s obviously a much bigger ask though, but consider this our official request to add that to the wishlist.

It looks like the Disney Dreamlight Valley character roster may soon be increasing, likely in line with the next round of updates. If you picked up the game over Christmas, our ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley guide is the perfect place to start. We’ve also got more of the best Disney games on PC if you’re after more ways to spend time with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and the gang.