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Dreamlight Valley Moonstone drought leaves players wanting MTXs

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstone appears to be in short supply in the life game, in turn leaving players struggling to unlock Gameloft's premium cosmetics

Dreamlight Valley Moonstone drought leaves players wanting MTXs: A cartoon man with long black hair and skull facepaint looks at the camera as Merlin the wizard stands behind him

Disney Dreamlight Valley Moonstone is the life game‘s premium currency, which can only be achieved through completing in-game quests or, alternatively, levelling through the Star Path battle pass. Unfortunately players can’t purchase them just yet, and in turn have been left with none of the mysterious sparkly stones.

Coming into the Disney Dreamlight Valley update 1, there’s a whole new  villain-inspired battle pass to celebrate the return of Scar, the true king of the Pride Lands. Unfortunately, some of the cosmetics are locked behind a paywall in the form of Moonstones, which appear to be in rather short supply in-game.

“I’m so upset I can’t collect enough Moonstone to get the premium items. I wish I could purchase Moonstones but I’m going to have to miss out this time on the premium Star Path. Can’t upgrade the game to a founders pack to get Moonstones either. Anyone else in the same boat?” asks one fan on the game’s subreddit.

“I’m in the same boat. I blew all my Moonstones on the Pixar event, didn’t think I’d need them for a while… I was wrong,” laments another, with a final response reading “I’m in the same situation after spending some to buy Pixar points in the last one.”

One particularly damning comment reads “allowing people to purchase event currency without a way to purchase Moonstones is the worst decision. I fully understand why someone would purchase event currency but then it becomes a punishment until they start selling Moonstones. It’s terrible.”

Dreamlight Valley is still in Early Access, which is likely the reason you currently can’t buy the currency. The official website states “Moonstones can also be used to purchase cosmetic items in the in-game store menu, which will be made available at a later time in early access,” but doesn’t give a timeframe as to when the currency will become available.

While monetisation remains one of the gaming sphere’s most divisive features, at the end of the day it seems like removing player’s agency is worse – especially when new seasons drop and you don’t benefit from the perks. Whether we see Moonstones made purchasable in the next update remains to be seen, but for now it’s worth channelling your inner Scrooge McDuck and holding onto your treasures.

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