New Dreamlight Valley storage and auto-sorting coming in next update

The February update for Disney Dreamlight Valley includes auto-sorting storage tools along with auto-select options to make arranging crops and items easier.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a character in a white & gold suit stands in front of a golden safe

Your Disney Dreamlight Valley storage options are set to improve dramatically soon, according to developer Gameloft. Already one of the most delightful life games on PC since its 2022 release, its hefty roadmap promises an exciting year ahead beginning with the Disney Dreamlight Valley Encanto update releasing in February. Now the developer has teased one of the most-requested features is on the cards to arrive sooner rather than later.

The first of four major Disney Dreamlight Valley updates currently in the works for 2023, the February update will see you able to unlock Encanto’s Mirabel, as well as everyone’s favourite Frozen snowman, Olaf. It will also see the arrival of an anniversary Star Path celebrating 100 years of Disney, which should be very exciting – but perhaps the best news for longtime players is a range of quality-of-life improvements including the aforementioned storage update.

Upgraded Dreamlight Valley storage was already previously teased by Gameloft, but lead producer Manea Castet has now clarified some additional details. Speaking to Polygon, Castet says players can expect the introduction of several different types of chest to help improve your organisation, along with auto-sorting and auto-select tools to make putting everything away faster and more convenient.

You’ll also have the option to add a panel to show what’s in a chest without having to open it, which should make life much more straightforward – it’s certainly a more elegant solution that the museum-style item displays on countertops that I and many other players have turned to in an attempt to remember what they’ve put in each chest.

Castet says these quality-of-life changes are slated to arrive in the February update, which is also expected to introduce more customisation options for the valley itself including new Dreamlight Valley house colours to change the look of your character’s home.

Take a look at our Disney Dreamlight Valley guide for all the hottest hints, tips, and tricks you’ll need to make your magical journey as smooth as possible, whether you’re a newcomer or a veteran. Stay tuned to PCGamesN for all the latest on the next Dreamlight Valley update, as well as more of the best Disney games on PC if you’re looking to celebrate the big 100 year anniversary in style.