Disney Dreamlight Valley update finally lets you change Villager roles

A Disney Dreamlight Valley update will give you the chance to fix your mistakes in the life sim and change Villager roles to boost mining and farming bonuses.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a character with pink hair takes a selfie with Goofy, who is holding his trademark green hat, on the beach

The next Dreamlight Valley update is almost upon us, and developer Gameloft has revealed yet another huge change coming to one of the best Disney games as part of the Festival of Friendship. If you’ve been wanting to change villager roles in Disney Dreamlight Valley to boost your fishing, mining, or farming bonuses, you’ll now be able to thanks to the addition of special training manuals.

Bringing the colourful cast of Dreamlight Valley characters to your village and making friends with them is one of its main joys – especially for long-time Disney fans. As you level up your friendship, each character can also be assigned to one of five different roles – mining, fishing, gathering, foraging, and digging. When they’re accompanying you on your travels, they’ll then offer you bonus rewards if you’re doing their chosen activity.

This is a huge boon, potentially doubling up those valuable fish, gems, and crops as you collect them and helping you make money fast in Dreamlight Valley. Crucially, the chance for bonus items goes up as you assign more villagers to a specific role – meaning that if you really want to specialise in one thing, it’s helpful to have plenty of your villagers assigned to it. However, companions have been too committed to their roles, meaning that it’s very easy to lock in roles early on, only to realise you’ve changed your priorities.

Thankfully, the Dreamlight Valley Encanto update ‘A Festival of Friendship’ includes a way to fix the mistakes of your past. Gameloft reveals that the patch includes “Training manuals that can be crafted to change the role of level ten villagers.” There’s no indication as to what exactly you’ll need to make them, but it’s a very welcome change that shows Gameloft is listening to player feedback.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - purple and gold training books with the role icons on the covers

I definitely overloaded on fishing early on. It was a nice way to make money fast at first, but as I’ve progressed into the late game I’ve largely turned to farming as my main earner (pumpkins, anyone?) only to find myself a little short on gathering specialists. I’m eager to jump into this update and ramp up my bonuses further – and the ability to get unlimited coal in Dreamlight Valley when the new update lands means I won’t need to spend as much time mining, either.

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