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Disney Dreamlight Valley update has you search for Mirabel’s door knob

Disney Dreamlight Valley update 3, A Festival of Friendship, will see a special new door open with the arrival of its new character, Encanto’s Mirabel Madrigal.

Disney Dreamlight Valley - Mirabel Madrigal from Encanto gives a smile and raises one hand in front of a house with a wooden door

As we wait for Disney Dreamlight Valley update 3, A Festival of Friendship, there’s exciting news from developer Gameloft about one task we’ll be completing when it arrives. The Dreamlight Valley Encanto update is set to land very soon, bringing the Disney feature film’s central protagonist, Mirabel Madrigal, to one of the best life games on PC. In a new tease, the team hints that we’ll also get to see something very important to Mirabel – a door.

While all of the Dreamlight Valley characters introduced through the game’s realms are found behind doors located in the towering Dream Castle, this news actually relates to a different type of door. If you’ve seen Encanto, you’ll know that Mirabel’s family, the Madrigals, each get a special gift when they are a child courtesy of the Encanto that blesses them with magical powers.

These powers manifest when the child opens a special door on their fifth birthday. During the opening moments of the film, however, Mirabel’s door fades away as she reaches out to touch the door handle – meaning that she doesn’t get a gift like her fellow siblings. This, of course, sets into action the events to follow. As such, Mirabel has a particular relationship with doors that she’s seemingly set to bring with her into Dreamlight Valley.

On Twitter, Gameloft shares a clip of a glittering golden door knob, and tells players, “A new… door… is opening in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s third update. Keep an eye out for this ‘key’ to unlocking it.” It follows up with an additional tease: “While there are many realms in the castle waiting to be unveiled, this key will unlock a different kind of door…”

Disney Dreamlight Valley - a sparkling, golden door knob in a field of grass

Whether we’ll actually get to see Mirabel’s door, or whether it will be that of one of her family members, remains to be seen, though Gameloft adds that the door in question “holds a great deal of importance to one of the new characters you’ll meet in our next update.” Presumably this relates to Mirabel, but it’s possible we’ll see another character join her alongside Frozen’s Olaf, much like with the Toy Story update that introduced Buzz and Woody.

While we wait for the next Dreamlight Valley update to arrive so we can get starting on unlocking Mirabel in Dreamlight Valley, make sure you’ve recruited all the Disney Dreamlight Valley animals with our handy guide, and you might as well polish off all those Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes as well. Perhaps that’ll get you in the mood for more of the best cooking games on PC, of which there are some real crackers.