What is the next Dreamlight Valley update release date?

With the next Dreamlight Valley update always around the corner, and new Disney and Pixar faces joining the valley every couple of months, here’s who’s next

Next Dreamlight Valley update: Mirabel Madrigal

Want to know the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update release date and who’s coming with it? Dreamlight Valley updates add new characters and quests to the life sim, and we already know there’s a lot of room for new faces to be added. Fans on social media have been requesting the likes of Cinderella, Belle, and Stitch – and with a certain blue alien having crash-landed in the valley last year, we know Gameloft are listening.

Despite being in early access, the Disney game cemented itself as one of the best PC games of 2022, with regular content updates, a vibrant community, and speedy and regular patches when bugs are found. We’ve now had two large content updates since the game launched just a few months ago. With “an almost unlimited source” of classic characters to choose from, there’s no sign of these updates slowing down yet.

Next Dreamlight Valley update - image shows the 2023 roadmap, including Mirabel, Simba, and more

Next Dreamlight Valley update

On January 25, Gameloft finally revealed a long-awaited roadmap for early 2023, teasing what is to come in Dreamlight Valley this year – and it didn’t disappoint. While fans expected Belle to be the next character to arrive in the valley, the “exceptionally unexceptional” Mirabel Madrigal will instead be next – though we’re not yet sure how her arrival will play out in-game.

While he may be part of an altogether different property, Mirabel will be accompanied in her arrival by one cute little snowman, who of course we can only assume will be the one and only Olaf (although who else remembers Knick, the Pixar short snowman? Now that would be quite the curveball, Gameloft). We’ve not yet had a new character added to an existing realm, so whether Olaf will arrive on the valley directly, or through the Frozen realm remains to be seen.

With the Festive Star Path ending on January 27, 2023, at 5am PST, 8am EST, 1pm GMT, we expect the next Dreamlight Valley update will arrive around February 1st, 2023, approximately a week after the current Star Path ends.

Dreamlight Valley Mirabel Olaf update: Olaf appears next to Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff

Dreamlight Valley update schedule

The Dreamlight Valley Toy Story update 2, ‘Missions in Uncharted Space’, arrived on December 6. While you might still be getting used to being toy-sized and finding out how to get Stitch in Dreamlight Valley, there’s no harm in looking forward to the future.

The first major content update was the Scar’s Kingdom update, which arrived on October 19, 2022, just two month’s after the game’s initial early access release. This update added the Lion King villain, a new Star Path, and a bunch of Dreamlight Valley Scar quests.

That’s everything we know about what might be coming in the next Dreamlight Valley update, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty to keep you busy right now. Once you’ve unlocked Stitch and the new Toy Story characters, check out our guide on Dreamlight Valley Dream Shards and start saving up now for the next realm.