Disney Dreamlight Valley WALL-E fishing has players obsessed

Disney Dreamlight Valley has just released in early access, and players are already finding that our little robot friend WALL-E is struggling to fish

Disney Dreamlight Valley WALL-E fishing has players obsessed: Pxar's WALL-E close to camera

Disney Dreamlight Valley’s WALL-E has a peculiar issue in the recently released life sim game filled with Disney and Pixar characters, as some players have commented on the fact that he can’t seem to fish properly.

Despite the poor little guy’s best efforts, quite a few Disney Dreamlight Valley players are reporting that the Pixar character just can’t manage to get the knack of fishing. He’s struggling to orient himself and putting his fishing rod over land instead of the water – don’t worry mate, we’ve all been there.

The Reddit post dedicated to WALL-E’s struggles is quite adorable, with players highlighting the poor little robot’s attempts at fishing. One player says they’ve “had this a couple times [and] can’t help but laugh at his attempt,” with another adding that “we must protect him at all costs.”

By far the best comment though comes from someone saying “Every time I see WALL-E: You’re doing great sweetie!”

Since its early access release earlier this week, Disney Dreamlight Valley has only been rising, as its Steam sales have put it among the top sellers on the platform. The game is also currently available via Game Pass, with subscribers also getting some cosmetics and in-game currency as well. The game should also come out of early access some time in 2023. The life sim is available via the cloud, console and PC on Game Pass.

If you’re just getting started in the life sim why don’t you check out the ultimate Disney Dreamlight Valley beginner’s guide, or our look at all Disney Dreamlight Valley characters instead. We’ve also put together the Disney Dreamlight Valley system requirements, even if they won’t be an issue for almost all PCs. So you’ll be able to hang with the Disney gang on even the cheapest PC builds out there.