Drinking alone, together: King of Booze out now

King of Booze

King of Booze is a “drinking board game” for PC. It supports up to 12 players, who can choose from a multitude of “cute” avatars. It also features an in-game alcotest – a digital breathalyzer which tracks your blood Blood Alcohol Content.

There’s a trailer. You ought to watch it.

Developers Daygames say that King of Booze is a game distinguished by player choice, which is something we’re often heard evangelising here at PCGamesN.

“Want to make a certain someone drinks more (sic)? Do you want to get on someone’s ‘bad side’? Will you get naked or wasted? Should you show off your singing, dancing, parkour powers or just keep to yourself and drink?”

The alcotest keeps score of players’ BAC once it’s been entered into KoB’s system. The (laudable) idea is to keep players regularly informed of their levels and consequently ensure they don’t “overdo it” unknowingly.

Players can either accept their drinks or take on a challenge, which can be customised by other players.

“These are only some of the many options we came up with,” explain Daygames on their site. “Since we know we will never be as creative as the people of internet we created an option for you to edit and add your own random fields and we are letting YOU decide the ‘price’ in drinks for choosing not to do the challenge.”

“Want to make a certain someone drinks more?” Sigh. Perhaps we could ask them whether they’d like to first?

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