Drone Strike Force is an aerial action shooter in open beta this weekend

Take to the skies

While Call of Duty is in the midst of a years-long return to ‘boots on the ground’ running and gunning, there’s still plenty of room in the skies for a different sort of shooter action. That’s where Drone Strike Force comes in. It puts you in control of aerial combat machine so you can enjoy multiplayer combat on a third axis.

Drone Strike Force is in open beta for the weekend, so you can try Deathmatch, Domination, and King of the Hill modes out for yourself over on Steam. You can download now, and continue playing until Sunday. The game properly goes live on August 16 for $19.99 USD. (The developers say there’s no other in-game monetization in place “at this time.”)

The team-based shooter is set in a distressingly immediate 21st century that’s been ruined by global warming and is now contested between corporate soldiers and private citizens. Battles bring you experience over time that’ll let you get new drones and expand on their abilities with different weapons, perks, and abilities.

In other words, it should scratch that Call of Duty itch.

You can get a taste of the action in the trailer above.

We recently spoke with the developers about the challenges of building a mid-air shooter as part of our Making it in Unreal series, so you can follow that link for further details.