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Manic multiplayer Duck Game is free to play on Steam this weekend

Duck Game

The perfect game to play with friends this May Day weekend, Adult Swim Games’ Duck Game is free to try on Steam until May 1. Casting players as belligerent ducks, you must prove your dominance by defeating your feathered brethren in a series of deadly arenas.

This list of PC multiplayer games should give you plenty of stuff to play this long weekend.

Released back in 2015, Duck Game is one of the most lauded local multiplayer games on Steam, thanks to how silly matches can get at times. With mind control rays, net guns and even saxophones as usable weapons, a round of Duck Game can quickly go from a tense shoot out to a free-form jazz session, depending on your group of friends. You also have a dedicated quack button, so feel free to annoy your opponents at every opportunity with endless quacks. When you wearing certain headgear like the burger mask, you even spit ketchup every time you quack. Lovely.

Outside of local multiplayer, the PC version of Duck Game does have an active online scene, full of hardened duck killers ready to decimate any first time players of this poultry party game. If you want to practice your skills, there is a fully developed single-player mode, complete with various challenges to train your for the badlands of multiplayer.

For creative types, Duck Game does have an extensive level editor if you fancy making your own stages. A long-awaited update is also in beta testing, so new Duck Game adopters can expect some additional content fairly soon. Having said that, long-standing fans have been waiting for this update for ages, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Duck Game is also on sale for 50% off until May 1, going for just $6.49/£4.99. So, if you’ve got all your ducks in a row, now is the best time to pick this party game up.