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New building game is like Rust with ducks and it’s exploding on Steam

Take to the skies as you shoot, build, quack, waddle, and peck your way to victory in this Rust-inspired new building shooter, Duckside.

a duck with a hat and a determined look in its eye

It’s Rust but with ducks. That’s it. That’s the hook. What more do you need to know? From Hello Neighbor developer tinyBuild, Duckside is a new base building and survival game that features shooting, PvEvP, a persistent server, and, most importantly, ducks. Rather than playing as a person or even a humanoid, you and all your opponents are ducks. They can fly, waddle, quack, peck things, and construct bases and use shotguns. Its new demo is blowing up on Steam right now.

In Duckside, you waddle on into a server filled with enemy ducks controlled by real people and AI-controlled human NPCs. There’s no story, no rhyme or reason why this is happening, it’s just duck on duck on mankind warfare. According to the game’s Steam page, 10 million ducks are killed by human hunters every year, so maybe this is a simple revenge story. Although humans are the shared enemy, ducks are still territorial birds, so you’d better be prepared in this building game as you’ll have to construct a base, find loot, craft gear, and kill to stay alive.

With some Fortnite-style graphics and a snappy building system, you should have your first base up and running in no time. Everything deteriorates, and the server is ever-persistent, so once you’ve logged off for the day, you could come back to find your stash raided and your buildings destroyed. You can gather resources by pecking rocks, trees, and stash barrels, so try to scrounge some tougher material to build longer lasting abodes. Oh, you can also fly and shoot your enemies from above.

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Birds of a feather flock together, and you can play with friends or join squads during your play sessions, too. Should a group of wary recruiters see you skillfully dispatch all the humans in one of their many outposts they may ask you to join them. With the blueprints and resources you gather from humans and by completing missions, you can upgrade your structures and weapons so that you become a fowl to be reckoned with.

If you want to try the Duckside demo, which currently has almost 2,000 people playing and seems to just be getting more popular, you can download it from Steam, right here.

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