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Due Process is going to give Rainbow Six Siege a run for its money

due process giant enemy crab

“Players have 2 minutes at the start of a round to draw up a plan John Madden-style, involving tools like flashbangs, night vision goggles, and wall breaching charges to coordinate the perfect assault, while defenders scheme to predict and spoil it. These strategies collide in a bloody gunfight that ends in the blink of an eye.” And, like that, my wallet opened.

While Due process is clearly influenced by SWAT and the Rainbow Six series it’s turning the tactical shooter into something more fast-paced and throwaway.

I love the Rainbow Six games, I was only allowed to put one of them onto our 15 best first-person shooters list but given the chance they’d all be in there, nothing does tactical terrorist hunting action quite like it. And, Ubisoft’s E3 announcement of Rainbow Six Siege blew a hole through my heart but Due Process has something which the Rainbow games don’t:

It’s partly down to the very much work-in-progress state of the game but there’s an irreverent, slapdash quality to the footage that makes it more immediately fun than the way Ubisoft are handling Rainbow.

Due Process is doing a lot which is similar to Siege, small, destructible environments, multiplayer-focused combat, and short rounds but the final game will look much different: “We want our game to have an art style resembling Hotline Miami and the latest Dredd movie with a lot of bright colours,” the team say.

The game is in a limited, free closed alpha at the moment and Giant Enemy Crab are looking for new players based in North America. They’re working on getting other servers set up soon but for now that’s not ready. If you’re interested and are available to take part in some scheduled tests then email [email protected].

I look forward to drawing all over that planning map in the near future.

Cheers, RPS.