Dungeon Defenders 2 hits Steam Early Access with a stalwart trailer

Dungeon Defenders 2

It’s been almost a year since Trendy Entertainment ascertained their goal of making a true sequel for Dungeon Defenders, and finally the game is available for the public – although in early access form.

Nevertheless, the game is full steam ahead in development, as the studio gathers feedback from players buying into their Steam Early Access to test the game early. “We still have plenty of features to add and can’t wait for you to play and share your thoughts with us.” states the Steam store page.

Dungeon Defenders II is a third person hack n slash tower defence game. You’ll control your own hero, wielding an array of combat abilities and magic, while also having direct control on the defense of your base. By setting up powerful defences, such as towers and barricades, you’ll ward off an onslaught of menacing foes, while earning powerful loot and upgrades in the process.

You can pick up the game today via Steam Early Access for £15.19/$19.99, granting you $30 of in-game currency, and exclusive hero cosmetic sets.