Dungeon of the Endless gets a Halloween update, starring Death

Dungeon of the Endless Halloween update

Dungeon of the Endless, the surprisingly excellent Endless Space roguelike spin-off, is embracing the spookiest time of the year with the Death Gamble update, and it’s live now. 

Death Gamble crams a new merchant into the titular dungeon. He’s not like your typical, paunchy videogame merchants, cheerfully plying their wares. He’s more your scythe-carrying, robe-wearing merchant. 

The Death merchant, as he known, will appear from time to time – more during the week of Halloween than after – offering special deals and unknown items for fixed prices. The grim salesman also stocks a particularly special item, one that resuscitates any fallen heroes holding it. And the longer they carry it, the more health they’ll receive when they are revived.

Here’s the short patch notes:

  • Added a new event, The Dood, a very special merchant with a very special item…
  • Optimised AI’s mobs that will slightly improved performance
  • Fixed the Rocket Scientist achievement
  • In multiplayer mode, heroes can no longer be transferred during the action phase
  • Added a visual feedback on skills if you click on them when the cooldown is active
  • The last picture of the album is now unlocked after the last level of the game
  • Pat can now hit several monsters at his highest level

Amplitude has also teased another free update, coming out next month. Expect an organic spaceship, a new mob, new hero and controller support. The content was voted for on Amplitude’s GAMES2GETHER program.

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