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A massive Dwarf Fortress Pokemon mod is now on Steam

Dwarvemon is a huge Dwarf Fortress mod that adds a whopping 905 Pokemon to the colony management game, complete with unique abilities and game mechanics

Dwarf Fortress Pokemon mod: Dwarves and Pokemon surround a broken-down wagon in a grassy field

It’s no surprise that the classic Dwarf Fortress Pokemon mod followed the game over the Steam – and in fact, ‘Dwarvemon’ arrived in the Steam Workshop the same day as the new graphical edition of Bay 12 Games’ legendary colony management game launched in Early Access. The mod has just been updated, and includes 905 Pokemon, their unique abilities, and special mechanics for evolutions and more.

Dwarvemon is the work of modder FirePhoenix11, who’s had a version of the mod available for Dwarf Fortress classic since 2017. Now the project is available through the Steam Workshop as well, so you can add Pokemon to the new Steam version of Dwarf Fortress.

There are a few ways to set up Dwarvemon, and you’ll need to enable several mods depending on your preference. The base mod adds 905 Pokemon creatures to the game, with the Gen 9 Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet in the works. Each one has a carefully adapted set of abilities, and the mod includes new legendary megabeasts, berries and plants, Pokemon-related items, and “all kinds of Pokemon related FUN” – the all-caps FUN being Dwarf Fortress-speak for “catastrophes.”

To use the mod, you’ll need to subscribe to it in the Steam Workshop. Then you can pick from some separate entity mods. If you’d like a world populated only with Pokemon, you’ll want to disable vanilla creatures and graphics, and add the Remove Subterranean Entity (this keeps errors from popping up when you’ve disabled vanilla creatures) and the Vanilla entity creature graphics mod.

You’ll also need to enable the Dwarvemon Entity All and Dwarvemon Entity Type mods, all of which you can find linked from the main Workshop page.

Not all individual Pokemon types have their own graphics just yet, but modder AwesomeFish is adding more all the time – so just be patient if your favourite hasn’t made it in yet. Subscribing to the mod will keep you updated with the latest version.

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