Dying Light 2 update has a fix for campaign blocks

Now when you die, you can choose to respawn inside the mission area, preventing blocks to campaign progress

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If you’ve run into issues progressing through Dying Light 2’s campaign, help is on the way. The latest patch for the zombie-ridden open-world game adds an option to the death screen so you can respawn inside the mission area, preventing some instances of campaign progression locking.

At certain points in the Dying Light 2 story, you’ll wake up in a safe room if you die during an active mission. Normally this isn’t a problem, but sometimes it causes problems with the triggers that advance the mission. If you died and wound up outside the mission area, you might find yourself unable to return to the area where your objective was, and this could result in campaign progress being permanently halted.

With the latest update, Techland has added an option to the death screen that allows you to respawn inside the mission zone, rather than at a nearby shelter. This should help in those cases where it’s crucial to remain in the active area until the mission has been completed.

This patch doesn’t address all of the ‘death loop’ bugs players have reported, however, in which a ‘leaving mission area’ message will display on the screen a few seconds before the player automatically dies, then respawns with the same message. We’ve reached out to Techland for comment on this issue and will update this story with any new information.

However, it does add a couple new graphics options. You now can toggle distance blur on and off, and there are new quality settings for motion blur. Techland says it’s also addressed “numerous crashes” and has “improved game stability.”