Dying Light 2 has a hotfix for shaky co-op connections

Techland has already pushed out a hotfix for Dying Light 2's co-op system, and it's working on a fix for redeeming pre-order rewards

A Dying Light 2 character seeks help for an injured friend

A hotfix is out for brand new co-op game Dying Light 2, which launched less than 24 hours ago. The small patch is aimed at addressing issues players have run into when playing co-op – specifically, unreliable connections and the inability to join other players’ games. The team says it’s also working on fixing the Techland website, where players who pre-ordered Dying Light 2 have to go to redeem their in-game rewards.

“Two things on the top of our list: disconnects in co-op mode and problems with redeeming awards, codes, and other in-game content, including Twitch Drops from TechlandGG,” a Techland community manager posted on the Steam forums earlier today, February 4. “Our team is on it. We will update you on the progress.”

About five hours later, a hotfix was ready to download. Techland says it should improve the stability of co-op mode connections, but advises players to shut down and re-launch Steam once the patch is downloaded, “just in case”. The patch itself is around 260MB, so you won’t have long to wait once it appears in the queue.

Separately, players have had difficulty accessing pre-order rewards through Techland’s website. These include the curved cavalry sword ‘The Hussar,’ and to get them, you need to set up an account on Techland’s site, link it with the platform where you bought the game, and input a special code found in the main menu.

That process isn’t working at the moment – the high volume of Dying Light 2 players may have overwhelmed Techland’s server capacity. In any case, it’s not currently possible to link your Techland.gg account with Steam or Epic at the moment, but the devs say a fix is in the works. So don’t worry: you’ll be slicing and dicing infected with the Hussar before too long.