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This Dying Light 2 mod make nights even more intense

Dying Light 2 Extreme Nights brings back one of Dying Light's most popular mods.

The Dying Light 2 mod Extreme Nights makes nights more, well, extreme

While it’s only been out a couple of days, the first Dying Light 2 mods have already begun to roll out – including the return of a fan-favourite Dying Light mod that ups the challenge considerably. The Dying Light 2 Extreme Nights mod is out now in version 2.0, and it makes the nights twice as long and many times more difficult. They were bad enough already.

Back in 2016, modder UD24 added a new mod called Extreme Nights to Dying Light, which they introduced with the phrase, “‘sup, wanna die?” For those not in the know, nighttime in Dying Light is basically a survival situation where the zombies become more numerous and more powerful. Extreme Nights made things even more, well, extreme by increasing the length of the night and both the number and toughness of the zombies.

“You will either succeed in stealth (maybe hiding in a room with the door closed), or you will be spotted and things will start to snowball very very VERY fast,” UD24 explained. Now, the mod is back for Dying Light 2, and it sounds even more impossible.

UD24 calls the Dying Light 2 Extreme Nights v2 mod “the ultimate Extreme Nights experience for utterly deranged masochists”, which should give you an idea of what to expect. Installing it is easy – just download the file and put it in Dying Light 2’s “source” folder. The mod doubles the night hours, halves the daytime, increases the zombie crowd density, and starting a chase will “spawn 24 Volatiles on average”. Gulp.

Dying Light 2 is difficult enough at night already, let alone with Extreme Nights installed. Give it a go, if you’re brave or foolhardy enough.